Happy Father’s Day to my husband, Jeff!   I couldn’t do anything without him.    Happy Father’s Day to my Dad, and all the fathers out there who work hard at raising their children.

June is a busy month.

Monday we are decorating a blue, white and silver graduation party with balloons.  This is a house party that has been postponed because of the rain.  The weather is just not cooperating for the outdoor parties this year!

Thursday is Project Graduation at Nomad’s for Rockville High School.  Our theme is Hollywood, and we are using balloons and set pieces to transform the venue.  One of the most popular things we do is take pictures at Senior Prom of the graduates while they are dressed to impress.  Actually, I didn’t go to Prom this year.  Most of the seniors go to a local Garden Center that has beautiful grounds with bridges and a pond.  I was able to grab seniors and put them against a plain background.  I asked them to “Look like a Movie Star!”  Some of the kids don’t know what to do, but some of them light up!  The best pictures get blown up to 16″ x 16″ and are put on a big film reel.  The rest of the pictures are 8″ x 10″ and are put on mylar film reels to decorate the hallways.  At the end of the night, the grads can take their pictures home.  I even have some parents call to ask for copies!

8" x 10" Hollywood Stars Hollywood Stars Film Reel

Next weekend, there is a tent wedding at Maneeley’s on Saturday.  We are finishing the tent poles this week.  The tent is huge and is supported by 5 poles that are 22′ high and about 18″ around.  The poles are metal with scratches and ugly marks all over them.  To make them look good, we cover them with white embossed vinyl material, (which is weatherproof), and silk ivy.   We leave this on all season.  If we were using other fabric or tulle, it would get very dirty and buggy.  So, we found this vinyl that covers the pole and stands up to the weather.  It doesn’t give the puffy, flowing effect that some brides want, but tulle can always be added to achieve that look right before the event.   Check our website to see pictures of the tent later this week.

Sunday is a wedding.  The Bride lives out of state, so we are meeting with her this week.  She is using one of the popular combinations of the season,  pink and green.   We are mostly using the pink color, Azalea.  Her chair sashes will be in green.  We have found that colors become popular based on the colors that are being shown in the bridal shops.    Chocolate Brown was very popular last fall.  Pink in all different shades and intensities has been extremely popular this spring.

Check back for new pictures and to see the upcoming events for July!