The Summer/Fall issue of New England Gala Weddings Magazine is out, and a wedding that we worked on last summer is featured in the magazine!

8-8-08 Wedding We were hired to help the caterers coordinate the set-up and breakdown of the wedding.  The bride had a design book with every element clearly shown so that the tables would look exactly the way she envisioned her wedding.  The bride and groom had design backgrounds, so they wanted their wedding to reflect their Portuguese and Puerto Rican heritage as well as their unique sense of style.   We worked on decorating the tables, chair bows, candy table, cake table, place card entrance table and patio.   The venue gave us 2 hours to complete the set-up of the whole wedding.  Between the caterers and our crew, we never moved so fast!  Correlation Productions provided the lighting which gave the Wadsworth Mansion a club atmosphere.  It was a beautiful result.  We broke down the wedding that night and trailered everything back to the Bride’s family the next day.  Many of the elements were rented, but the bride was able to borrow many items from friends and family to make the whole thing a little more affordable.  They ate inside and danced outdoors.  If the weather had been better, (it poured right before the reception), the whole thing would have been perfect.  The hardest part of the day was when the whole bridal party came tumbling into the front hall out of the rain while we were still trying to decorate.  They started moving around in the rooms, and just generally getting in the way.  We worked around them, but we didn’t have much time for set-up anyway!  It was fun, energetic, beautiful and very vibrant and exciting.  It was fun to work on a wedding that had such a bold color palette and to work with a couple that was so excited about their wedding.