Decorated tent pole

Tent poles can be all around the outside of a pole or frame tent.  If the tent is open, you will see them, and they usually aren’t pretty!

We covered these with tulle, ivy and a few flowers.

Decorated frame tent

This is a frame tent with a liner.   It is not as high because

there are no center supports.  The liner and support covers

give a really elegant, finished look.  Be aware, tent liners are

usually as much as the tent.  They can be quite expensive.  If

you think that you can drape fabric to look like this and save

some money, it is really difficult to get this look on the cheap.   We added

lighted hanging lanterns and uplighting to finish the look.

tent poles These 25′ high tent poles are a real challenge.  This tent stays up all season, from

May to October, so we can’t use tulle or fabric or it would be filthy within a week

or two.  So, we cover the poles with an embossed vinyl, put silk branches at the top

and swirl ivy down the pole.   We needed a lift to get that high.  We have used

a ladder in the past, and it’s impossible to get high enough.

Here’s a wedding tent we decorated.  It was a very large tent and it poseddecorated tent

a real decorating challenge because the poles also had lights and fans

attached to them.  We used the vinyl fabric and ivy again because it was

fast.  We didn’t have much time to decorate this tent.

We have several more tent weddings booked for August, so check our

website, for more pictures of tent decor in

the future!