Centerpieces can be expensive items at a Wedding or Party.  Many of the tall, beautiful fresh flower centerpieces can run well over $100 to $200 each.  That can be a significant amount of money to a bride on a budget.  Many venues offer centerpieces as part of their package.  Some offer a plain candle centerpiece, some offer a mirror with a square or round vase with a small arrangement of roses or flowers of your choice, and some offer a choice of one florist who does the same thing for every package wedding.  Most venues that are offering flowers will offer the ability to upgrade their basic floral centerpiece.

A great way to save but still get a fabulous centerpiece is to rent the vase.  The guests can take the flowers, but the vases go back to the florist or designer.  Most people don’t want to carry the over-sized vases and they don’t fit in with most home decor anyway!  Most florists offer this option.  If you’re going with a smaller, all floral centerpiece, it makes sense to let the guests take the vase.

Another popular option is candle centerpieces with just a few flowers or no flowers.  Floating candles last the whole reception, and tall pillars in a hurricane will last and offer a beautiful glow to an evening wedding. Do not use tea lights.  They hardly last an hour.  Use votives or floating candles instead.

Cylinder Vases with Floating Candles and Roses

Floating Candle with Fuschia Orchid

Beach Themed Hurricane Centerpiece

Floating Rose with vintage tea lights

Broadbrook Garden's Black Cube with Pink Flowers