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Oops, I forgot…


I’m a decorator, so I’m talking mostly about decor and decorations.  I’m sure there are other things that couples routinely forget, but this is my personal list!



The most common thing that couples forget is batteries.  “I thought they were included!”  Read the package carefully.  Sometimes they are in there, sometimes they’re not.  I bring all kinds of batteries with me, but batteries are expensive and I can’t fill all your centerpiece lanterns with batteries for no charge!  Please, unpack whatever you’ve bought and check them.  Maybe the batteries are dead?  You don’t want to find out an hour before your wedding that those cool lighted letters you bought use some exotic battery that you don’t have.  Who will have time to run to the drugstore for a pack of batteries?


Another thing that is often missing is easels for all the signs that you will use.  You may have one or two easels, but you have 4 or 5 signs!  Many cool signs and photo frames are meant to be hung on a wall and don’t have a stand on the back.  Adjustable easels can be $35 to $50 each.  What are you going to do with them after the wedding?  Selling them is a drag.  People don’t want to pay what they’re worth.  I offer table top easels and adjustable floor easels for rent.  Propping up signs against a wall is an option, but if you’re outside, or there is lots of activity on the table, they can fall or slide down, ruining the look.


I used to get boxes of glassware that couples wanted me to use.  I won’t do that anymore.  Why not?  Because almost every time I opened the box, I would find stickers and dirty,  fingerprint stained glassware.  Clean glassware is imperative to a beautiful centerpieces or accent pieces on your sign in table or dessert bar.  Believe me, people who are looking at your centerpiece all night will notice if it’s dirty.  It can take hours to clean glassware, but it’s worth it.  Again, I rent glassware so you don’t have to buy, store, clean and sell afterwards.  Many florists also offer rental glassware, or will provide the glassware as part of their service.

A table or linen for a table.  Make a list of all the tables you will need.  Make sure you communicate that to your venue.  Then make sure you have table covers for all those tables.  Make sure you communicate that to your caterer or rental company.  And, don’t forget, if you add something last minute, like deciding to put your favors on a table instead of on the guest tables, you need to make sure you have a table with a table cover!

A pen or marker for your guest book or sign in board.  I try to carry a nice, plain pen just in case.  But sometimes, you’re using something unusual, like a piece of furniture or a board that has some weird finish that won’t accept the marker that you bought.  Make sure you test it out before the wedding!

If you’re a DIY couple, that means you need to be even more organized.  Set things up. Don’t just buy them and stick them in a bin and forget about them until the wedding day. It’s a waste of money if you can’t use something because you don’t have everything you need.  You want your wedding day to be as stress free as possible.  Plan ahead and enjoy all you have created to make your wedding day beautiful!



Why do lanterns cost so much?

Most of the time, my couples think I’m reasonable. But occasionally I get, “Why does it cost so much?” They see the lanterns in the party store that are $10 for 3 lanterns and think, “This is something I can DIY, (do it yourself)!”

Well, you might be able to if the ceiling is low, there are many attachment points, and you have lots of extra time on your wedding day. Those party store lanterns are also small. The biggest one is 10 inches. You will need at least 50-60 of them to cover a big enough area so that it looks professional.

But, if the ceiling is high, you are in a tent, or it is a smooth ceiling, you should use a professional.

And, we don’t just take fishing line and cheap battery lights that leave a weird pinspot light in the lantern. We have created our own lighting cords with variable drops that use small incandescent bulbs for a warm, soft glow. We also put a dimmer on the light string so you can turn them down if they seem too bright during dancing. We also offer lanterns in all sizes. From about 12″ up to 30″ around, which is HUGE! They look especially great up high or in a tent.

We also carry insurance. If you look at this picture, you will see why! Another part of the cost is the fact that we come back at the end of the night to take everything down. Do you want your brother or your friend up on a high ladder after an exhausting day that may have included a few drinks at the reception? Most venues require you to take everything down and pack everything up that night. This is something that most couples don’t consider when they DIY. Putting it up is one thing, but breaking it down and packing it away is a lot of work.

I love DIY and there are many projects that you can do before the wedding so you have plenty of time to repair or replace if it doesn’t work out. Hanging lanterns probably isn’t one of them!