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Why do lanterns cost so much?

Most of the time, my couples think I’m reasonable. But occasionally I get, “Why does it cost so much?” They see the lanterns in the party store that are $10 for 3 lanterns and think, “This is something I can DIY, (do it yourself)!”

Well, you might be able to if the ceiling is low, there are many attachment points, and you have lots of extra time on your wedding day. Those party store lanterns are also small. The biggest one is 10 inches. You will need at least 50-60 of them to cover a big enough area so that it looks professional.

But, if the ceiling is high, you are in a tent, or it is a smooth ceiling, you should use a professional.

And, we don’t just take fishing line and cheap battery lights that leave a weird pinspot light in the lantern. We have created our own lighting cords with variable drops that use small incandescent bulbs for a warm, soft glow. We also put a dimmer on the light string so you can turn them down if they seem too bright during dancing. We also offer lanterns in all sizes. From about 12″ up to 30″ around, which is HUGE! They look especially great up high or in a tent.

We also carry insurance. If you look at this picture, you will see why! Another part of the cost is the fact that we come back at the end of the night to take everything down. Do you want your brother or your friend up on a high ladder after an exhausting day that may have included a few drinks at the reception? Most venues require you to take everything down and pack everything up that night. This is something that most couples don’t consider when they DIY. Putting it up is one thing, but breaking it down and packing it away is a lot of work.

I love DIY and there are many projects that you can do before the wedding so you have plenty of time to repair or replace if it doesn’t work out. Hanging lanterns probably isn’t one of them!